Welcome to The United Socialist Party.

The creation of a mass workers’ party, which genuinely represents the interests of all of us, is the main issue of the day.

The United Socialist Party is convinced that there is a need for such a working class party arises in the heart of the capitalism crisis, in the relations between the working class and the capitalist class internationally.

We do not pretend to have all the answers. However, TUSP was founded by workers, especially some Liverpool dockers, whose 28-month lockout and treatment by the 1997 Labour government told us that we must take responsibility ourselves for overcoming the crisis of working class political representation.

We took the independent road to such a new political party in 2004 because of our opposition to those who wanted to hang on to the coat tails of New Labour but also because we were very wary indeed of the socialist groups which kept us at arms length when it came to real unity and collaboration.

However that does not mean that we are above or better than other socialist groups but outside of the important discussions between all of us on is the need for a new ‘21st Century socialist’ party that meets the asperations of most of the British people and therefore, we put forward our statement on the situation now facing all socialists for discussion. – HOW DO WE UNITE the British working class?
The United Socialist Party is also engaged in a discussion on the current banking crisis, and its significance for socialists. We welcome your contributions.

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Campaigning for a fair and just society for all

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